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We are just about 100% set up and ready, ok not quite.

There is an issue that has been bothersome for a while now and as mentioned in the title an average shipment to the US is 10$ and within our own country(Canada) even higher, i'll try not to make sense of that but need to act upon this.

It may deter some or many but we are increasing our shipping rates not by choice rather by necessity.

As much as it changes, in reality it doesn't take for example a 100 card purchase@10c per and it comes to 14.99

With the new shipping rate a 100 card order still comes to 14.99 (insert record scratch sound here)

THIS is where the Good News kicks in and since we can't control shipping rates we are going to knock all non-consignment cards down to 5 cents.

The changes will start happening today, it will take some time as there are over a quarter million on site that need adjusting which a bulk edit should remedy within 24 hours.


All orders placed up to November 25th should be ok to arrive in time for x-mas after that date there are no guarantees.

PS. There isn't a top-loader shortage, thats a load of ahem, what there is a shortage of is the prices we used to pay on a lot of the supplies needed for our wonderful hobby.

Thank you,

Nancy and Steven





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