Topps Bunt and other ponderings

Posted by Nancy Swart on

Do you?

We Bunt our handle there is BASEBALLCARDSTORECA

Just before we close our eyes and as we open them a little "bunting" goes on quietly so we are not heard.

Is this spelling the end of real cards?

Is this for real and a sign of where things are heading? -

Is this THE reason why we have lowered our prices again?

Finally a question i can answer!

NO, mostly because as our good friend Jon sings, I ain't gonna live forever

and that's what it would take to get all these cards we have, added to the site.

In case you haven't seen it -

We may have even scared some away by now offering our cards(the non-consigned ones) for just a nickel each and maybe the next step will be a Costco/Sams club type of membership based where i get your $60 and then offer everything at a penny.

1 way or another they need to get moving as i have already deflected a couple of 5k counts for the time being and knowing the borders are now open i know the floodgate of cardboard from the US is just days to weeks away.

We cant list them fast enough and as many of you have seen we have tried and do list several different ways with pic, without pic even without a description and just a pic etc. we are still just 2 with full time jobs and it goes as it goes. 

Have a great weekend!

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