On The Move to Improve

Posted by Nancy Swart on

Please accept our apologies we are in the midst of relocating our home and the inventory which was housed at a separate facility 
all under 1 roof, it's kind of a get bad before we get good/better situation. It is a lengthy process because we are doing both simultaneously home and inventory(many millions)
We are aiming to be properly installed by the middle of August.
Very sorry for the delays.

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  • I was kinda wondering why nothing new was popping up. I’m right there with ya. We just moved from one state to another.

    David Ray on
  • No Problem, Moving is a major chore. Get in there, get yourselves set up, worry about playing catch up later. Its all you can do.


    Brandon Nelson on
  • Thank you very kindly!

    Steven on
  • Good luck with your move!

    David on

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