2022 Changes, Streamlining and Catching up

Posted by Nancy Swart on

Our inventory is different than most bigger operations (where they seem to constantly file same or similar items together)
You may see the same card 3 different times but rather than to go and file with the others we just continually # 
to save some time as we have barely 1% of our entire inventory currently available on our 2 sites the other being here -
https://www.tcdb.com/Collection.cfm/member/baseballcardstoreca/collection/1 (you can have these also just request them if you do)
All the non-consigned cards are no charge and we prefer a maximum of 50 cards per order as in the past our layaway plan was unfair towards 
others waiting to receive their orders in a timely manner, coupled with the fact that we are just 2 (my wife and I and we both have jobs) that do everything related to the cards.
In other terms and basically the same is the cards are a dime each with shipping being $4.99 or 15c each and 2.49 shipping.
We are now no longer in need of stocking all the different size boxes by standardizing the amount that is consistently packaged.
Looking forward to partnering with you,
Thank you,
Nancy and Steven

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