How Much Is This Worth?

Posted by Nancy Swart on

It's worth fun, not nowadays where too much of life is quantified in do$$ar terms.

Before the wrapper even comes off they're uttering How much, whoa! try enjoying it breathe in the fumes of a freshly unwrapped pack of 1 card and ahhhh yeah.

Back to the 70's again yes and we'll go there often to emphasize how the card bizness has evolved from innocence to the money machine it is today.

We actually played with the cards, 2 main games- 1 was flinging your card to land it on another card and if you did you got all the cards that were lying there. 

There was another 1 but it wasn't as much fun and i cant remember it's been 45+ years since those days in my friends apartment building.

Ironically that enjoyment while unintentionally destructive has boosted/heightened values of pre 80's cards despite the fact that they cost us about a cent to a cent and a half.

Which has me pondering incessantly, can we bring back a pack of cards to the corner store and sell it for say 25 to 50 cents? And how many cards in that pack would be a good number?

Pleasant dreams,

Nancy and Steven

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