Jackpot By The Box

Posted by Nancy Swart on

The cardboard quest even early on was always on. 

After exhausting the corner stores of their inventory I discovered a place that was more of a wholesaler yet open to the public. It was a bit longer than the usual 1 block trek and through a high traffic artery but being 11 I could handle it despite it being unsettling.

Once inside there was a rack that had full boxes of baseball cards(1978 o-pee-chee) priced at $4.69

Not that it mattered but it represented a savings of 71 cents buying by the box versus the 36X 15c per pack. 

Funny or strange how buying 5$ boxes in the 70's or 5$ and 10$ boxes in the 90's the latter is referred to as "junk" which is a term I really can't appreciate in its' negative intention.

We regularly acquire large lots of cards and collections for the same price or even less than we paid for cards in the 70's, and I find it hard to consider a Gretzky RC Griffey RC or for that matter any of their accompanying neighbors when you turn the pages as "junk" 

We appreciate every card the same and pass the savings on to our partners no matter who or what the card is.

Seasons' Greetings!

Nancy and Steven


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