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Growing up in the district of Park Extension in Montreal in the early 70's was a magical time like there can never be another. 

So fortunate and blessed in every way but especially for cards!

There was not just that 1 corner store there were several all within minutes of 1 another that were often frequented by me in my quest for glorious cardboard and boy did they all cater or try to at the very least.

Not just Hockey though, there would be baseball , wacky packages and stickers by Panini(1976 olympics), the corner BP gas station(animals) and Americana Munich(1975 aviation) among many others.

The fever was on in full swing and it cost so little just $1 and man oh man 10 packs or even when they did raise the price to 15 cents still could get at least 6 -7 with a nickel always kicking around or 5 pennies.

I want those days back, we need those days back, I get it life is ridiculously expensive nowadays but we will do something about it some have said we are but we want that to happen in the retail scheme of things like it once existed and affordably.

AND we shall tackle that topic and more tomorrow.

Thank you kindly for your time,

we appreciate that very much!

Nancy and Steven


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