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Welcome to the daily musings,

We (Nancy and I Steven) comprise the be-all do-all behind our webstore

It began like for so many others, with that 1st unleashed visit to the corner store 1 block away running an errand around 1974.

Packs of Hockey cards for a dime I'll have some and for a dollar I got 10!

Nobody bemoaned it on Facebook nor raked me over the coals that i grabbed every last pack that day.

An addiction was born, and a stick of gum came with it too!

There existed NO price guides, there were NO values attched to any of the cards and not 1 worth more than any other.-THAT"S where the pricing comes from for the store.

Our beliefs are different than any other retailer, 1 price fits all and every lovely slice of cardboard like humanity should be created and valued equally without discrimination.

I hear ya' loud and clear,I know what you are thinking, but that's just how we'll do things around here.

We will be doing a daily entry and hope that you will join us again tomorrow for more.

Thank you, stay safe and be well!

Nancy and Steven

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