3 Million Dollars Or Just Fantasies

Posted by Nancy Swart on

For the better or worse part of 25+ years i had been commiserating on Ebay constantly wondering how they "have it" but do nothing with it.

They did it with cd's when those were relevant, all you pretty much had to do was type in the upc and boom listing created or just about.

This has always been THE #1 problem in my mind whether selling or just plain catalogging inventory for any reason.

Cards don't come with upc's but you would think that by now somehow they would have made things easier after the countless thousands of times a 1980 Topps #120 Greg Luzinski card(for example) has been listed.

Sure they have that microscopic line under the photos that say sell one like this but it just doesn't help like it should after all it's 2021 and SHAZAM!

It took a while but you see where i am going with this/getting to the point.

Should there not be by now a Shazam for cards where you scan the image and it recognizes it and boom creates a listing or catalogs your card to your files or to your ebay or wherever your heart is content'ed?

Please remember me when you create this i just want a tiny cut so i am able to send cards to everyone for free or at least allow me to build that global COMC style trading post where everyone feels secure about their trades instead of getting scammed by another facebook schmuck.

and 3rdly 3rd million, grading sorry is a joke similar to  Angel Hernandez. They both involve erratic arbitrary judgements (one's a crack the other crack and resubmit) Time to scrap all that nonsense of imprisonment and ohh um today it's a 9 next week it's an 8.

Technology again where are you smart phone app builders here you go! Scan card with phone front and back and immediately it tells you if you have a 10 or a 7 no more need for 3rd party shenanigans and a long overdue how do you do to BGS PSA GSA KSA and all other Sa's Mang!

Likely not in our lifetime but I still hold out hope, have a great weekend everyone


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