Free 2021 Topps Baseball Mega Box Break

Posted by Nancy Swart on


We're big fans of fun and free, if we could figure out how to survive by giving cards away we'd do it and especially now more than ever it's great to have an affordable option. 

It's a 16 pack box with 16 cards per pack and will be live streamed here on our youtube channel - which if you are ever bored has over 1000 short videos

This will be breaking Saturday evening April 10 around 9-9:30 PM ET just after the 1st hockey game that starts at 7:00 PM ET which usually goes for about 2 and 1/2 hours

It should be about 30 to 45 minutes and be fun as we will purposely butcher some names along the way.

For those who have partnered with us before obviously we have an address all others confirmed please pm me your address along with your ID 

Orioles -herkojerko

Rays - vroomed(Dan)

Jays - C.Ryan

Yankees -D. Hickey 

Red Sox -C. Sutherland

Tigers -JF. Brulotte

Royals -kcjays

Twins - J.Olson

White Sox -2822ams

Indians - MTHRILL22

Astros -Jramey94

Angels - B. Paulhus

Mariners -aselchert10

Rangers -C2Cigars

A's - Double B

Phillies - D.Patzer

Marlins -mselchert

Mets -Bearded Carnivore

Nationals -jcrimarco

Braves -N. Karfonta

Cubs -bobfetta

Reds -WyoDeacon2k6

Brewers -FiresNBeers

Pirates - Sshillinger

Cardinals -KMack

Dodgers -G.Gay

Padres - M. Fuji

Giants -dicefoot

Diamondbacks -tcarter

Rockies -bassmon

The above link is where we will stream and then hope we will be able to upload to the youtube channel later



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  • Thanks again for inviting me to this break!

    sanjosefuji on
  • Texas Rangers. Thank you very much.

    C2Cigars on
  • I would be happy with any team but if the Braves are still available, I would take them. I also noticed that the Angels were not listed which would have been my first choice. As for time, I am fine with any early evening time, 9:00? (sandyrusty from tcdb)

    Bruno Paulhus on
  • I just noticed that the Blue Jays are gone. I’ll take the Detroit Tigers instead. Thank you.

    Althib (J.F.) on
  • Please, assign me the Toronto Blue Jays. For the time. 10:00 or 11:00 PM ET is fine and after the first hockey game on HNIC.

    Althib (J.F.) on

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