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Posted by Nancy Swart on

Late January passing to Mid May offering.

In the article it says he was "a true collector"

Was he really?

Having deep pockets with the ability to obtain high $ and scarce items leaves me with a sense that he had someone on the lookout for him like a buyer.

Between the typical workday can one believe he could have amassed all these items without some help?

Most true collectors are they not those whom buy collections and dig into boxes or go to card shows/online sales sites and dig through the inventory looking for pieces to add to their collection?

Or another angle may be that he only bought and never sold?

Buying graded though was that a way to certify authenticity from forgery?

Or just leaving behind an even bigger nest egg for whoever inherited these or was mandated to liquidate upon passing?

Some nice unique items are up for grabs and will most likely once again break records, add more publicity to cards and keep prices high for an even longer period of time, which has seriously gone on too long for many who seek relief from gouging, flipping and over-pricing.

toot-toot(insert relief here)

Hockey playoffs(the best round round 1 is on right now)

Avalanche for the cup?

Who you got?


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