So Much Wrong In This Hobby Right Now

Posted by Nancy Swart on

Price gouging!

As you can tell we are NOT big fans of.

It is almost our "raison d'etre"(meaning of existence)

It doesn't start at your local Walmart or Target or LCS.

It's on a much higher level actually right from the manufacturer.

They're calling the shots, manipulating the market right now. 

From that 1st day in March 2020 when things went BOOM.

They were too happy to roll along with it and milk it as much as they could

with similar tactics to what they did in the early 1990 BOOM

Supposedly limiting product, making people believe it's hard to get, they didn't print that much so you have to pay more to get it so we can get more for it and here we are again.


It does to those of us who were there when it happened in 1990.

It happened before all the breaker "culturites" pre-sold cards before they came out of the pack, before those who were gone from the hobby and back after 20 years. 

30 years have gone by since this hobby has had this kind of fever-pitch and this time it has a fueler ,an excelerant  called 19.

Thanks 19 or whoever, penny sleeves now cost over a penny and a half at least

Some places are charging 3 and 4$ for a 300-400 count cardboard box(wasn't that long ago they were 50c to a$ max!

plastic boxes are almost extinct and insanely over-priced if you do locate some 

and this hobby is in need of these supplies more NOW!

Notice that packs almost no longer come pre-priced like they most often used to be?

This is like your chewing gum with salt,

bittersweet days ahead indeed with no end really in sight. 

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