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All the best to everyone for 2021!

Incredibly 21 years since all that Y2K silliness, i preferred the Y2J stuff(wrestling fan here)

NOW we are old and old-fashioned too, HOWEVER we have been doing the ebay thing for over 25 years and thankfully no longer do the fees the nonsense the Maury show- You are NOT my site of choice for selling any longer.

Actually it's been about a year and a half that we stopped grinding our gears there and decided to "upstart" our own way i mean seriously to pay you for me to sell on your tired outdated selling platform and constantly begging you to allow me to sell more ahem-that!!

We translated a lot of prior frustrational energy towards learning how to become independant from the fee mongers that exist in the business.

So much that if we could get back and when we do get back to being able to cross the border, we may be introducing a platform for selling that will be drastically more affordable than what exists today

step 1 of course is to defeat the 19 

And it's high time we win that battle.

Take care stay safe and continue to be well and weary.

Nancy and Steven


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