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Some of us are still "old school" and like the in person experience.

Is anyone surprised that card shows are still a thing or that they still exist?

I have done a handful of shows in the 45+ years of being involved in the hobby as

a lesson was served in my very first attempt. 

Not long after setting up which somehow i never really felt i was set up, and lugging in countless 3200 ct boxes of course i get asked for a card i didn't bring yet likely had at home. 

I knew that shows while well liked by many, was a wrong way to go for all the efforts required.

Even being a buyer at a show those tables are so down low my back hated me after a half hour of being hunched over turning pages in a binder or thumbing through stacks.

Not any or every site will have all the cards that are sought but in this "modern era" 1 would think that the more you can offer online the better the chances of cards landing in collections can occur(as long as Bob Barker)

Speaking of stacks, while eyeing some of the uninvestigated 5k count boxes that arrive weekly i spotted 494 of these thats' got to be what about 20 cases worth?

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