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More changes on the way of course as the battles differ.

At this time this service is only available to residents of Canada and will expand 

once the borders re-open.

We're keeping it simple and most importantly affordable.

A 1 time fee of 25 cents per item and it rides along with all the other items til' it sells or you have it returned to you.

The only other fees that are deducted are when sales occur and vary due to the size and type of payment and whether there were other members cards purchased at the same time.

Included in the price(25cents) is images both front and back as well as the creation of the listing for inclusion to the website. 

Storage is also secure and included in the price nothing additional per month.

Shipping for the items purchased and all related items(top loads, snap boxes bubble mailers, boxes etc., are also included and done by us.

When sending your items to us, at the very least use a penny sleeve with your asking price on it, top loaders are fine but please none of those card savers.

Any questions or concerns may be addressed here or through email: or through the chat on the site

We have already partnered with a few people locally and their items will be appearing shortly which you will notice by a 3 character(for example:SP1) identification marker.

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